European Success Team



- Mrs Gunvor Häggman; Kimo Ironwork Course Centre, Oravais Hembygdsförening rf, Oravais Ostrobothnia Finland

- Mrs Ann-Sofie Smeds-Nylund; Svenska österbottens Folkakademi SÖFF, Yttermark Närpes, Ostrobothnia Finland

- Mrs Christina Llorens Berenguer;Adults permanent educaltion School Beniassent, Cocenetaina, Alicante, Spain.

- Mr Jose Enrique Iglesias Dominguz; Adults Education Public Center, Ubrique Cadiz, Spain.

- Mrs Christine Bärnthaler; Bildungsnetzwerk Steiermark, Graz/Murau, Austria.

- Ms Doris Horvath; Frauen - & Familienberatungsstelle, Oberpullendorf, Austria

- Mr Zdenek Michalek; HM Partner sro – consulting, training organisation, Ostrava, Czech Republic

- Mr Roman Bartak, CSOP Salamandr – ecologic, training organisation, MoravskoslezkyKraj, Czech Republic


Project co-ordinator: Mrs Gunvor Häggman, Finland; Kimo Ironwork Course Centre, Oravais Hembygdsförening rf,


To learn how to use partnership as a tool of Life-Long-Learning for Adults involved in regional education systems in EU-environment


To be reached in the 1st year: 

Benchmark our organizations

Exchange experiences and methods to solve regional/regional problems* including the process of project planning and financing (* "rural escape"; and similar problems accorded to profile of the school and the democratisation

- to find new input for long life learning as a tool for diminish the "export of key persons and young people away from rural areas as well as for the school to have options to find a new and actual pofile , future oriented profiling courses of needed skills of European Integration, disadvantages areas and target groups, small study classes or virtual tools for finding economy of specialised courses, etc).

Create a European “success team” in order to support adult education a tool for finding new input for schools and skills and new competencies - European teamwork for providing multicultural widest affect of problem oriented discussion in order to find solutions and new output of courses. Common process work by project member.

Create the ability to work in multicultural environment

Arrange lectures, meetings and seminars as well as ICT and ODL as a test for the process

To be reached in the 2nd year: 

Find methods to diminish rural escape or problems at disadvantages areas by means of adult education 

Identify some best-practices in this process 

Revenue the options for the organisations and individuals in order to fulfil the social cohesion

Spread the methods of the process as a result on a regional and European level using case studies

To be reached in the 3rd year:

Spread the methods of the process as a result on a regional and European level using case studies

Success team of various kind work locally, regionally and European

Create a platform - to build a network as future option

To exchange best practice projects in the field of quality development and innovation in adult education.

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